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Social media explained

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Social media explained

Not sure who was the first to publish this picture or who really invented it but it really describes very well who’s who on the current social media scene.

I do republish this picture on the request of my friends who always wondered about my social media preference.

Now you should understand why do I prefer LinkedIn, tolerate Twitter and hate Facebook.


Written by Pawel Debski

2014/07/17 at 12:41

Do you actually twitt or post to twitter?

I had recently a discussion, brought up by @kitoza1, how shall we call the information that we send-out via Some people call it “a #post” and some ferociously defended the position that the only proper way to call it is “to #twitt”. Being actually somewhat amused I brought the gangs to the consensus that twitts are actually sent by the browser to the using #HTTP post #request, so both twitting and posting are actually valid names. The funniest thing actually is, that I did not check which HTTP request it used by Twitter. Does any of you, my dear followers, know which one is in use?

Written by Pawel Debski

2013/04/21 at 09:36

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