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AI plays better than human and potentially poses an existential threat to humans

#AI #AlphaGo #Google #Artificial #Intelligence plays #go better than human, not a faster brute force game, literally better game. Thanks to #deep #learning #DeepMind #FanHui and #LeeSeDol were impressed with the beauty and real intelligence of the AI:

“saw how the move connected with what came before”, with the other stones already played

AI is one way better than us, but not constrained by human experience or expectations. No morality, no God, no sense of good and evil – an existential threat to humans. Like knife, arrow, gunpowder, machine gun and finally nukes.

Good news to us, humans, no way out of the loop – thanks to God, ethics or whatever you call it.


Google on its way to become the most annoying company – no way to enable extension

I usually disable all sorts of auto-updaters in MS-Windows registry in favour of manual update my favourite applications.

I was recently incautious enough to update Google Chrome and suddenly… bdzionk …one of my favourite extensions got disabled.

I’m thinking, well, let’s switch-on – but hey – “Enable” button is greyed, what’s the heck?

Disabled extension - no way to enable

Disabled extension – no way to enable

Quick search for some help reveals:

Communist-style behaviour of Google Chrome - no way to enable an extension

Communist-style behaviour of Google Chrome – no way to enable an extension

Apparently Google strives to achieve the position of most hated IT company replacing current long-reigning leader currently in position.

Written by Pawel Debski

2014/06/13 at 15:30