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North Korea involved in stealing money via SWIFT?

Symantec blog post SWIFT header

Symantec blog post SWIFT header

#FBI concluded that the #NorthKorea government was responsible for a #Lazarus #hacking group that has been linked to string of aggressive #attack s since 2009. Initially largely focused on targets in the #US and #SouthKorea. The group was linked to #Backdoor.Destover, a highly destructive Trojan that was the subject of an FBI warning after it was used in an attack against #Sony Pictures Entertainment. This #malware in turn shares similarities with the #code used to break into the #SWIFT #network and steal funds from a number of #bank s recently. It is of course possible that somebody duped poor #Korea ns, but having lived so many years under communist rule I do not want to believe that they are innocent as babes.

Read details on Symantec blog post here…


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2016/05/30 at 10:55

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