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US citizen & the machine of the state – Isis Agora Lovecruft major Tor developer flees to Europe

After being concerned about the state of the democracy and freedom in Poland let’s now worry about somebody else deeds. I read today a post by Isis Agora Lovecruft, one of the major Tor developers, that made me chilly.

Tor logo

Tor logo

Here are few excerpts about her feelings:

“In the case that they might have asked for a backdoor, I tried to distract myself from the overwhelming (I don’t think I’ve actually fully understood the word “overwhelming” before these events) stress.”

“ability to detain me and mess with my belongings for as long as they liked”, “I’ll admit I actually cried, not knowing when I’d hug my mom again”

“I didn’t talk to anyone who wasn’t already in regular contact with me, fearing I might endanger them — some thug might show up at their mom’s door or make some threats to their lawyers”

“Why is the FBI trying to make a developer of an open source encryption tool feel unwelcome in their country of origin?”

“As an aside: that any random FBI agent has the ability to learn someone’s personal cell phone number and use it — uninvited — is, in my opinion, extremely threatening and unacceptable”

Something must have gone wrong in US if I do read such things or look on the statistics of white vs black people killed by the Police. Any input and comments welcome, especially from the other side of the Big Pond.

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2016/05/18 at 21:21

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