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New era of hacker attacks – gov cyberwarfare

As The Hacker News wrote recently Playstation network has recently been experiencing massive denial of services attacks (DDoS) more or less in the same time John Smedley, The President of Sony Online Entertainment, was traveling on the plane and

John Smedley's twitts about plane diverted for security reasons

John Smedley’s twitts about plane diverted for security reasons

bdzionk, his plane has allegedly a bomb on board.

According to The Hacker News two separate hacker groups, Lizard Squad and Famed God, claimed the responsibility for the DDoS attack.

We do not know yet what actually happened – were there real explosives on board or something else was up.

In the light of the previous publications, that it is possible to gain control of the plane flight system by hacking the plane’s network devices accessible to passengers it is theoritically possible that diverting the plane was actually part of the attack.

On the other hand we see recently a wave of cyberattacks where public can righfully suspect government involvment, such as infamous Dragonfly malware created to gain access to western energy infrastructure, backdoors discovered in Chinese equipment and similar hacks introduced by USA government to US-made network devices.

All this clearly shows a dramatic change in the IT world as we knew it: many years ago my friend from Germany, a bright IT student and a gamer full of passion, discovered a number of security holes in a banking application. For him it was just a challenging game and he did not steal any money. His mistake was that he described all the security holes in the application in a letter to the bank expecting superb job and a decent salary. Much to his surprise one day police knocked his door and he faced the court ruling of a conviction of “unauthorized computer entry”, mandatory social work and a probation period. Well, you learn from your own mistakes, and you make your career out of others’ mistakes.

Legal advisor in banking career, actually.

Nowadays hacking from brain challenge of college and university community members became a full scale military operations so perhaps some government agency was testing its e-war scenario by hacking the plane and bringing down the Playstation network? One must learn somehow, right?

Let’s watch the headlines and browse the invisible web to really know what happened and hope that our govs are using our hard-earned dosh paid in taxes to actually defend us instead of invading others.

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