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Ukraine: Facebook post translated to English to spread the word

Ukreaine: a translation of the Polish photo-reporter Facebook post … to spread the word

View of a man who lived a moment before and now lies beside you, with a skull collapsed due to the lack of its contents because he got in the head with a sniper rifle armed with anti-armour ammo is frightening. But even more frightening is that these ammo is used by Yanukovich people against his countrymen. Someone asked: why do not you shoot from normal ammo, for example, in the legs, they should be about neutralizing protestors… They target the head – centred in the middle, bullets tear the man, pierce helmets, vests. Tear skulls apart. The smell of death … this is something you do not feel with the senses only, you feel it with your soul. Today, the first time I understood what it meant.
In front of my very eyes one man was killed, a number after unsuccessful resuscitation were dying in agony, I also saw a dozen or so other bodies. All wounded by snipers. Where is organized and determined response international opinion! Here, no one believes in the EU any longer, people count only on Poland and the USA. Yes. They count on us.

Last time I slept in Poland. Yesterday a little nap. Now I fall, I have to sleep for a moment, I set the alarm clock to wake me every hour to see if something happens on the Maidan. Equipment ready. If something happens I will try to be there. Maybe no longer so close. Today on my eyes photojournalist was shot in the leg. I realized then that it could have been me. Just as me he spun around barricades. He was lucky – it was only a leg. As he was carried away he was in good condition. No picture, no reward is worth a life. That’s why I’ve retreated.

On the other hand while looking at the young Ukrainians I understood that there are things that are worth your life – it’s independence. I have great respect for these young men at the head of the barricades . Regardless of the political assessment of these events.


I was wondering if after all this I could sleep. But surprisingly it is OK. Let’s see how’s that when I return to Poland and when it’s time for deeper reflection … At the moment there is no time for this. You have to act .

Till tomorrow! Let it be more peaceful.






Written by Pawel Debski

2014/02/20 at 23:50

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