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For quite a time I was looking for an off-site storage space for back-up and other purposes and finally I decided to try The decisive factor is that quite easily one can get pretty large space free of charge.

Please use this link to join to get 5GB extra space
» «
please use the link above to get 5GB extra space gives 5GB when you join, plus 2GB when you tweet about it and yet another 5GB to both of us, you and me, when you use the link above. Nice, is not it?

This initial space I am going to use for my private purposes. Whether I use for my company off-site storage this depends on a lot of other factors such as reliability, usability and possibility to encrypt the data so nobody, including can read it. So I am going to test it on myself and only if it works for me I am going to use it in my company. I’ll try to keep you posted on the progress.


Written by Pawel Debski

2013/04/12 at 06:10

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